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Pro Facial, for clearer, more vibrant skin

Global Health and Beauty are pleased to announce a revolutionary new facial treatment: Pro Facial. This treatment hydrates, exfoliates the skin and promotes collagen production and increased blood flow. This treatment is especially excellent for congested skin, acne and oily skin.

How does Pro Facial Work?

The Pro Facial treatment is ideal for everyone, irrespective of skin type, age or gender. It addresses common concerns such as lines and wrinkles, tired skin, sun damage, large pores, acne and congested skin and pigmentation.

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What is the process of a Pro Facial?

Pro Facial is an innovative facial system that combines 4 technologies.

  1. Aqua Peeling

Deep Cleansing and exfoliating
Infusing hydration which renews the skin
Anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, to help combat acne and congested skin
soothing effect

  1. ION Lifting

Stimulates skin tissue and hair roots (great for scalp care).
Increases skin elasticity and anti-aging

  1. MultiPolar Radio Frequency

Collagen remodelling, also improves skin elasticity
Safe and painless with an immediate effect

  1. Ultrasound

Increases the diffusion of nourishing ingredients deep into the skin
Melts fats and cellulite
gives skin a smooth texture

What can I expect during and after my Pro Facial treatment?

Having a Pro Facial is a relaxing and pain free experience. You will feel the suction during the deep cleanse phase but it will not be painful.  You will leave the clinic with your face feeling massaged and relaxed.

This is a “no downtime” treatment, so you can expect to get on with normal activities right away. In some cases localised redness may occur but this will subside leaving behind beautifully clear skin.

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*This treatments will be provided exclusively in Coventry

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