CO2 Laser, Coventry

CO2 Laser

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For Skin Resurfacing

An advanced laser resurfaces treatment for removing damaged skin and wrinkles.

CO2 Lasers work by precisely removing outer layers of skin to reveal new skin. This controlled injury to the skin allows the skin to rebuild itself smoother and more refined.

CO2 laser is suitable for those with, scarring,  stretch marks, pigmentation and significant wrinkles and deep lines.

For Wart and Mole removal

Our state of the art CO2 laser is multifunctional and provides an effective and fast method of wart and mole removal.

Our Doctors will assess the Wart/Mole and discuss with you the best way yo go forward.

CO2 laser is also able to treat Milia, Skin tags and Xanthelasma.

CO2 laser procedures are available now using revolutionary Acupulse Technology. Enquire today!
*This treatments will be provided only in London

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