AQ Recovery Serum

Flawlessly beautiful skin

AQ Recovery Serum rejuvenates your skin by utilising a high concentration of GF (Growth Factors) and proteins that are naturally found in connective tissue. This treatment enhances the skin’s natural process of regeneration, reducing the signs of ageing and repairing damaged skin. The end result is smoother looking skin and a more youthful appearance. With regular treatments, you’ll notice a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and your skin will look firmer and healthier. AQ Recovery Serum also improves recovery time if used following a clinical procedures such as chemical peels and laser treatment and soothes inflammation and redness.

What’s the procedure for AQ Recovery Serum?

The serum is applied on the face or chosen areas. A derma stamp is then applied to the area, pressing gently onto the skin to ensure the serum penetrates and activates the skin cells. This stimulates collagen production, cellular renewal and healthy circulation. It is a largely pain-free procedure.

Where Is AQ Recovery Serum most effective?

  • Dark spots
  • Dark circles under the eyes,
  • Acne scars & chicken pox scars
  • Acne
  • General skin rejuvenation

How frequent are treatments and how long do they last?

The total number of skin rejuvenation treatments you might need will vary. During your consultation, our doctors will discuss a personalised treatment and aftercare plan to suit your needs and finances. Typically, three to four courses of one treatment every two weeks yields excellent results. After your initial treatments, we will discuss a maintenance plan with you.

Rejuvenating your skin

Skin rejuvenation treatments using growth factor technology has been the go-to procedure for A-list celebrities for decades.  The serum contains growth factors that are essential to maintaining young looking skin.  For best results start by getting a professional consultation.

AQ Recovery Serum skin rejuvenation treatments are available now, contact us today!

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