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Vida Aesthetics offers numerous products for use in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments, medical gas machines delivering a range of long lasting and effective protocols including pain management, collagen for wound care and the Pistor Eliance mesogun. Vida Aesthetic provides training and support on all its products and is backed by opinion leaders and experts from the aesthetics industry.

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Vida Aesthetics Products, Coventry

Total Recovery Cream 50ml

Provides powerful skin renovating effects and improves the appearance of damaged skin.

Spot Out Cream 30ml

A topical depigmentation treatment that includes in its formulation whitening actives. These act at all levels of the chain of synthesis and metabolism of melanin.

Retiseal Peel Booster

Vitamin Rich Smoother 30ml

Recommended to be used after chemical peeling to prolong and potentiate peeling effect.

Regenerating Gel

Regenerating Gel 50ml

A gel rich in Aloe Vera, rapidly re-generates irritated skin or skin attacked by external agents.

Reducing Gel with Caffeine

Reducing Gel With Caffeine 200ml

Gel formulated with caffeine and natural extracts. Specifically formulated for the treatment of stubborn fat zones.

Radiance Mesoserum

Radiance Mesoserum 30ml

Due to lightweight and water-based formula it is easily absorbed by skin and provides deep glow effect. Reduce the depth of wrinkles, clarify skin spots and regulate melanin production.

Radiance Eye Contour

Radiance Eye Contour 15ml

Diminishes eye bags and dark circles, by helping drainage and microcirculation of the eye contour area and eyelids. Smooth fine lines and deeply moisturizes the most delicate part of the face.

Anti-Hair Loss Lotion

Anti-Hair Loss Lotion

Daily care for fine and brittle hair, thickens the hair structure, decreasing its breakage. Nourishes the root improving the quality of hair in the growth phases. Ideal complement to professional treatment.

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