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Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani was inspired to start AQ Skin Solutions by his extensive work in medical applications of Growth Factors  for healing wounded tissue and creating artificial skin grafts. He applied his knowledge and experience in growth factor biotechnology to develop a process for producing the highest quality growth factor mediums available. These contain only the growth factors that have been identified as the most effective for improving the appearance of skin and the full look of hair, in the exact quantities and combinations needed for fast, unprecedented results.

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Aq Skin Solutions Products, Coventry

AQ Active Serum 30ml

This concentrated serum is formulated to help diminish the signs of aging sun damage by stimulating the skin’s renewal processes and encouraging healthy cell regeneration. It contains biological elements that are present in healthy, young skin and antioxidants to stimulate collagen production and fight free radical damage that causes premature aging. It is designed to brighten the complexion and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles , sagging skin , sun/age spots and hyperpigmentation. Daily use moisturizes and promotes smoother , more luminous skin.

AQ Eye Serum 15ml

Designed to promote a smoother , softer , younger looking eye area, this powerful serum is formulated to help the rejuvenation of delicate skin tissue around the eyes by supporting the skin’s natural processes of healing and cell regeneration.

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