• Introducing our new Elements Fusion Facial treatment – save 10% until 30 September

    Introducing our new Elements Fusion Facial treatment – save 10% until 30 September

    Save 10% with our fantastic introductory offer for our brand new Elements Fusion Facial treatment. This introductory offer is only available until 30 September but read on to find out all you need to know about our brand new treatment.

    Elements Fusion Facial – experience the ultimate results-driven facial treatment


    This amazing Elements Fusion Facial, is now available at Global Health & Beauty. The unforgettable 15 step experience will rejuvenate and revitalise your skin’s health. The new double facial treatment combines two of the most sought after celebrity facials for a gold standard experience with a fantastic result.

    What is Elements Fusion?

    Elements Fusion Facial

    Developed by iS Clinical and HydraFacial, two leaders in high performance skincare, the Elements Fusion Facial is a new double facial treatment. Rejuvenate and Revitalise your skin health with this game changing, zero downtime Fusion Facial. It combines two of the most sought after celebrity treatments to create an unforgettable 15 step experience.

    • Cleansing Complex
    • Lymphatic Drainage
    • Warming Honey Cleanser
    • Facial Massage
    • Exfoliation- Micro-dermabrasion
    • Intensive resurfacing massage
    • Cleansing Complex
    • Extraction
    • Rejuvenating Massage
    • Hydration
    • Treatment Serums
    • LED treatment
    • Eye Serum- Orbital massage
    • Moisturiser
    • SPF Sun Protection

    How long does the treatment take?


    Treatment takes one hour and twenty minutes (including a complimentary LED treatment).

    How long is the recovery time?


    Immediate – Some flaking of the skin may be possible post treatment.

    How long does the results last?


    This can vary from one treatment to another – your practitioner will advise.

    Is the Fusion Facial painful?


    No, but there may be a slight tingling sensation and some warmth. This will decrease as the Fusion Facial progresses.

    How many sessions will I need?


    The Elements Fusion Facial is usually performed in a series of four to six treatments, two weeks apart, approximately twice a year.

    Next steps


    To save 10% on our new Elements Fusion Facial treatment please call us on 07872 374134 or email info@globalhealthandbeauty.co.uk

    Free consultation with experts you can trust


    As one of the Midlands’ leading health and beauty clinics based in Coventry we are always delighted to offer clients some great treatments and some great offers. We treat people from all over the UK, are qualified and stay up to date with the latest treatments, technologies and research into the areas we deal with on a day to day basis. We are totally committed to helping you feel good and deal with issues that are troubling you. We are open and transparent and offer impartial advice. We are health care professionals first and foremost and are employing our skills in an area where we can improve people’s lives by offering treatments not always available on the NHS. We are trained in the UK and have been qualified for over 20 years. We have attended specialist training for all the procedures we offer. We are also registered with the General Medical Council.

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  • Posted by Marie Coates on 7th August 2018, 20:12

    How much are the facials as I’m interested in having the hydra facial/ fire and ice


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    • Posted by Dorota on 7th August 2018, 22:09
      in reply to Marie Coates

      We would be delighted to see you and do the facial treatment you wish to have. We are also introducing the carbon laser facial on 14th August. You’re more than welcome to make an appointment. The treatments for just two weeks would be costing £99 only. You can call us on 0748348881.

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