• Improving vaginal atrophy symptoms

    Improving vaginal atrophy symptoms

    How to improve vaginal atrophy symptoms and rejuvenate your intimate health

    We are helping women improve common vaginal atrophy symptoms with non surgical treatments. At Global Health and Beauty in Coventry we have several available.

    Your vaginal health should be classed with as much importance as your general health. Intimate concerns can be rectified with the right treatment and expert care.

    In the article below you’ll find some of the reasons to choose non surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments with Global Health and Beauty in Coventry.

    Don’t forget you can email us if you have any questions.

    Why do women suffer with this issue?

    Vaginal atrophy symptoms can occur after child birth, menopause or cancer treatment. Some women have a few symptoms, others just one.

    What are the symptoms?

    Common issues include itching and dryness, painful sexual intercourse, stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity.

    What treatments can improve vaginal atrophy symptoms?

    For women looking to improve the common issues associated with this we have two treatments available: O Shot and FemTouch.

    Each offers something different and a full consultation is needed to determine whether or not you’re suitable. You can read more about our vaginal health treatments on the treatment pages.

    What is FemTouch?

    FemTouch is a non invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It uses an energy assisted device to improve symptoms such as itching, dryness and pain or discomfort.

    Is this suitable for me?

    FemTouch is popular with women looking to specifically tackle symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

    What is the O Shot?

    The O Shot is a non surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It’s designed to improve a woman’s sexual experience. During treatment your own blood is used to stimulate the growth of new cells and increase vaginal sensitivity.

    Is this suitable for me?

    The O Shot is suitable for women looking to improve their sexual intimacy and feel more content with their orgasm and arousal.

    How long do they take to work?

    Each patient is different and therefore timeframes will vary. However in most cases symptoms start to ease within a few days.

    Is there any downtime?

    There is little to no downtime associated with either of these treatments to alleviate symptoms of vaginal atrophy. During your consultation you will be given all advice about how to best prepare for the treatment and how to look after yourself afterwards.

    How long do the results last?

    Again this difference patient to patient. In most cases women find that the results are long-lasting, however.

    Are they safe?

    Both of the treatments we have available are safe and can be life changing for the women who choose to undergo them.

    Who should I trust with my treatment?

    It is advisable you choose a cosmetic clinic in Coventry who can offer you the best results and treatments lead by experts. You can call us if you would like to find out more information about the experts we have available.

    Getting more information

    We know this is a sensitive subject, but your intimate health doesn’t have to suffer. Please book a consultation if you would like to discuss how best to treat symptoms of vaginal atrophy without surgery.

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