• Five reasons to choose laser hair removal

    Five reasons to choose laser hair removal

    Why you should be considering laser hair removal

    Our Coventry cosmetic clinic has seen another increase in enquiries for laser hair removal this month. Clearly this treatment is still very popular.

    Permanent hair reduction takes time to complete but offers a plethora of rewards. It allows you to enjoy fuzz free areas of the body and can also rid the face of excess hair.

    There are many reasons why women are seeking alternatives to waxing and shaving. In today’s blog we will be discussing some of the most popular reasons for choosing permanent hair reduction.

    Get in touch with our team of experts today if you wish to find out more information about the hair reduction treatments we have available. Call the clinic on 07483 348881.

    It offers long term results

    One of the most popular reasons for women to seek hair reduction treatments is that the results last a long time. For some women they can last a lifetime.

    A course of treatments is required. It’s based around your hair growth cycle and this is all explained during a consultation. You can book one here.

    It’s safe and reliable

    One of the best reasons to choose long term hair removal is that it’s safe and there’s very limited side effects. There can be some mild discomfort during the treatment sessions but most women agree this is a fair trade for the confidence being hair free gives them.

    Allows you to enjoy being hair-free on any part of your body

    Permanent hair reduction can be used almost anywhere on the body. The arms, legs and underarms are the most popular. With male patients it’s the chest.

    Treatment times and cycles vary depending on the patient and the area of treatment. Obviously it takes longer to tackle full legs than under arms with hair reduction treatments.

    No need to top-up

    Unlike shaving and waxing, with laser hair removal you will not need to top up your treatments or repeat at-home hair removal procedures. Compared to shaving and hair removal creams, laser hair reduction offers unparalleled results.

    Suitable for most skin types

    The arrival of new technology means we can now treat most skin types and skin colours. This hasn’t always been possible in recent years, but we’ve invested in top technology to ensure we can.

    It’s important you seek the advice of an expert before committing to any cosmetic treatments, to ensure you’re a good candidate.

    Ask us about laser hair removal

    Would you like more information? Please contact us today to get more details about the permanent hair reduction treatments we have available. You can also book a consultation to ascertain your suitability.

    We help women from across the Midlands, as well as here in Coventry, including Derby, Leicester, Birmingham and more. Don’t be shy about discussing your body hair concerns – you are not alone.



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