Sagging Skin wrinkles and creases

Sometimes a small change to improve certain parts of our body can make a huge difference. Areas such as the eyes and neck are particularly prone to the early signs of ageing. Noticeable changes like wrinkles, sagging eyelids and a loose neck can have a negative effect on self-esteem. We offer procedures to treat sagging skin particularly around the eyes and treatment to eliminate double chins, these are just a few concerns we’ve addressed to help our clients combat the obvious signs of ageing.

  • Eye Lids and Eye Bags

    As we age, the skin around our eyes loosens and sags, and the person you see in the mirror is not necessarily the person you feel like inside.  At the same time, you may not wish to go through the trauma of invasive surgery, or may not have the budget available. Global Health and Beauty Clinic offers a non-surgical treatment that is the best in its class at reducing loose and sagging skin around the eyes and eyelids without surgery.  Follow the below links to find out more about our treatment.

    Eye bags and Eyelid treatment: Plasma BT

  • Neck

    Whilst we are now all wise to the effects of sun damage on our skin, we often ignore our neck.  Thinner skin ages faster, and as we age, the skin on our neck gets wrinkled altering our silhouette. The effect is often referred to as ‘turkey neck’. Tightening the skin can make a huge difference and here at Global Health and Beauty Clinic, we have a number of treatments designed to improve this part of your body.  

    Neck lift: Radiofrequency 

    We also offer body shaping treatments for other parts of the body using a number of hi-tech equipment.  Browse our site to learn more.

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