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Skin tags and warts are among the most undesirable skin growths which require the attention of experts if they are to be removed without leaving behind any traces or defects. Due to the rise in use of home remedies, some practitioners have been advising those affected to resort to these practices. Based on experience as a reputable health and beauty establishment, we advise that you shouldn’t try these home remedies, but rather talk to us for bespoke solutions for skin tags and facial warts removal.

Skin Tags Facial Wart Removal Plexr Treatment Coventry Leicester

Skin growths including facial are mostly caused by a type of virus known as the human papillomavirus (HPV) which stimulates the growth of cells on the outer layer of the skin. While some of the tags and warts appear on the fingers, others grow near the fingernails and face. There are lots of remedies that have been used for a long time including laser surgery, cantharidin and freezing among others. While these may have been effective to a given extent, research has unveiled one of the best treatments known as Plexr.

How Plexr Treatment Works

This is one of the groundbreaking treatment approaches that give outstanding results through non-invasive techniques including sublimation of the excess skin using a plasma beam. Unlike other procedures that involve suturing and scalpels which damage the basement membrane, Plexr is completely safe and doesn’t interfere with the muscles or any other underlying structure. Its process is simple and involves creation of a series of small dots on the skin which in turn trigger contraction and tightening of the skin fibres thereby causing a remodeling, rejuvenating and lifting effect.

Throughout Coventry, Rugby and Leicester, we have helped thousands of people regain their normal skin texture. The beauty with Plexr treatment is that it is compatible with all skin types hence its universal application. Before you get treated, our team of leading practitioners will assess you to establish the root of your problem and the extent of its development.

Duration of Treatment and Recovery

This treatment is usually performed using anaesthetics to minimise any chances of discomfort. However, the treatment is normally pain-free, an aspect that has endeared it to many of our clients throughout Leicester, Rugby and Coventry.
The average treatment takes about 30 minutes however this may vary depending on the degree of your facial warts and skin tags. Immediately following the procedure, the skin begins to heal and since no invasions were made, the healing process becomes faster.
Are you Rugby, Leicester or Coventry and want to have a certified practitioner examine and treat your tag or warts? Don’t hesitate to call us today for personalised treatment and care.

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